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Today I received an order for several 24″ shelves that would all be exactly alike. This set me to thinking more seriously about something I had been considering for a long time. I have wanted a CNC Router since the day I saw a video on the internet of one in action. Today I finally made up my mind to venture out and build one for myself.

I began by doing a lot of research on the internet about the process of building a CNC Router and found several sites about the subject. There are several sites that show machines using skateboard bearings and black steel pipe for the linear motion and 1/4″ all-thread to convert rotary motion from the stepper motors into horizontal and vertical motion.

I decided on a plan that looked fairly easy to build with the tools I already have in my shop and the one most popular on the internet. I will use AutoCad to design the parts and will be using medium density fiberboard (MDF) as my support material because that’s what everybody on the internet is using, and the fact it is strong, stable, and reasonably inexpensive.

I’ve decided to build my own stepper controller circuit based on a set of plans I found on the internet so the first thing I’ll need to do is place an order for the electronic components needed for the controller circuit. I have a pretty good background in electronics so I feel confident I can accomplish this task with very few problems.

The plans on the internet call for using stepper motors from old inkjet printers for the drive motors. I have several old printers laying around the shop, so one of my first priorities is to strip out the parts I will need from those printers. This should give me the stepper motors I need as well as a suitable 12 volt power supply to power the circuits.

I will place my order from an electronics supplier that I have used many times in the past for the parts I can’t get from the printers. While I wait for the parts to arrive, I will get busy designing the plans for my machine. I want to be ready to start working on the machine when I get the parts in for the circuitry.

When you come back, hopefully I will have some of my drawings done and I’ll talk about that. Until next time, stay safe, work hard, and as always, thanks for stopping by.

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